Xiuning County completed the work of Hengjiang Road aerial pipeline

The air pipeline is like a “cobweb”, which not only affects the clean and beautiful urban environment, but also has potential safety hazards. In order to create a civilized demonstration county in the province, we will improve and consolidate the achievements of the Hengjiang Road in the urban area. On the morning of January 7, the Xiuning County Housing Construction Committee and the County Civilization Office, the County Urban Management Bureau, and the County Traffic Police Brigade organized pipeline construction personnel and climber operators to cut off the weak air pipelines on the east side of Hengjiang Road (Yuanshui Road-Donghu Bridge Section). Under the ground. After nearly 4 hours of intense and orderly construction work, all of the Hengjiang Road air pipelines were completed, eliminating the “airborne spider web” of Hengjiang Road, purifying and beautifying the urban road space, and creating a civilized and clean urban environment.

Rise steel provide SSAW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, elbow and tee for this project.


Post time: Jan-11-2019
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